Come on down and join the fun! Stop for dinner followed by some great music by local musicians.  Ken Safety always puts on a good show. 

WEEK #33 - Thursday August 16, 2018 9pm to 1am

This week, ends a twelve year drum residency for Mike Posser. He will be missed. Ken Safety has commissioned two drummers to take his slot. Welcome to Mark Macksoud and Jan Alessio. KSOMS will continue but without Mike Posser it will never be the same. This week is sure to be an emotional time for everyone.

LAST WEEK (#32) 8/9/2018

WEEK #32 - August 9, 2018

By Ken Saftey

The countdown to “farewell” to Mikey continued at: Ken Safety’s Open Mic Show CJ's Thursday 8/9 9pm 1am

With only two shows left for “House Band” drummer Mikey’s departure (Thursday August 16th is the last). Musicians continue to gather at Ken Safety’s Open Mic Show to get a chance to play with their friend. Last week’s show, like the week before, was a wild one.

Rob Lipinsky (a long time Mikey bandmate 20years) was on hand. Rob with Mikey on drums played the “dinner set” with Ken Safety and Bill Blue as The Sophisticatos.

A pre-dinner set was performed By Mame Wells and Bill Carroll. The duo wanted to be on hand in honor of Mikey.

Rich Reinwald was another player who trekked to KSOMS along with Mark Abelli to say good luck to our veteran drummer. Rich’s flute work was spectacular on The Jethro Tull classic “Locomotive Breathe”.

Banjo Dan made his weekly appearance. The Delta Blues Boys offer their version of “The Back Porch Experience”. Dellta Bill on National steel guitar and Harmonica Mike played a few.

Fred “Hawaii Fred O”. Took a spin with The Fabulous House Band. Bill Blue, Ron Ciaburri and of course Mike Posser.

Rob L. took Fred’s guitar spot and led the FHB through a rousing, rocking set. As spectators, Ken Safety and Bill Carroll both were impressed with Rob’s guitar sound and playing. Cool.

An anxious newcomer, Paul. Had been hounding Ken Safety for an exact playing time which is impossible. Especially with a crowded playlist and reunions going on. K-Safe found a spot for Paul whose anxiousness turned into happiness as the audience enjoyed his songs.

Patience personified with John DiCarlo and Jan Alessio. The guitarist and drummer were joined by Joel Lee who also wanted to be around for the “Mikey Countdown”. A rocking set was dished up as the House Band held a meet and greet at the bar with Johnny Roz.

Zack from Bristol made his return to KSOMS and was joined by the band.

Noel “Mr. Cool” Richard completed the night. Special thanks goes out to the players who relinquished their play spots so others would get a turn.


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